Travel Plug Adapter, Universal Travel Adapter, Travel Power Plug Adapter, International Power Adapter with 3.4A 3 USB & 1 Type-C, for UK, EU, US, AUS, and More 170 Countries (Green) Ougrand



  • ✈ [Wide Compatibility Travel Adapter]: 1500W Worldwide Travel Adapter, our global travel adapter has 4 kinds of international plugs for USA, EU, British and Australian. It is suitable for more than 170 countries. Such as: the United States, Britain, Europe, Australia, China, Japan. Small and Portable,It is your best partner when traveling.
  • ✈ [3 USB + 1 Type C]: 1 Type-C port & 3 USB ports & 4 Plugs. Travel plug Adapter built-in multi-plugs and USB ports allow 4 USB devices and prong plug outlets grounded or ungrounded devices charging at the same time. It can charge iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phone, smartphone, Laptop,etc. Multiple USB wall charger suitable share with friends or family at home,office,traveling.
  • ✈ [Built-in Smart IC Chip]: Ougrand Travel Adapter built in Smart IC Chip, intelligently recognizes your devices, adjusting the right current output automatically, boosts its charging speed, allow simultaneous charging your devices at high speed.
  • ✈ [FAST 2.4A CHARGING PORT AND POWER RATING] - Universal travel adapter built-in 6A ceramic fuse and Surge Protections. Avoid over-current and overload high-temperature, short-circuit damage appliances. Power adapter Inupt: 110V - 250V input voltage Max.Power Rating: 660W Max. at 110V,1440W Max. at 250V.Does not support voltage transformation
  • ✈ [MultiProtect Safety Certification & Service]: This travel adapter includes CE, EMC, ROHS, FCC, LVD quality certification, patent protection against electric shock for children, more professional, more secure, give you better security protection. For any quality problems we provide 100% return, if you have any questions, please keep free to contact us, we will provide you with the best quality service, your satisfaction is our service purpose.

Universal Travel Adapter, Travel Power Plug Adapter, International Power Adapter with 3.4A 3 USB & 1 Type-C, for UK, EU, US, AUS, and more 170 countries (green)


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Angelica Jordan
March 30, 2018
I had bought another one which is nice but this one also include the usbc port that I can use for my macbook. I conected my mac and iphone at the same time and works great. I will be traveling next week to China and update review to confirm it works there. Also the material feels nice too.
ian @Heart
August 30, 2018
This summer, I visited UK, Sweden & Croatia. Without checking to see if my travel Waterpik toothbrush works with both 110V and 220, and assuming that every electrical gadget made these days probably have this capability, just like my laptop does, I only bought a UK/EU plug converter thing and plugged in my expensive Waterpik only to notice smoke coming out of its water jet pump within second!!! YES, WITHIN SECONDS!!! Having seen $200 going down the hotel bathroom sink, I decided upon coming back, to do some research and see if a solution is out there. And, I think this travel adapter does it all. In 3 weeks, I am going back to Sweden and will post photos. Do not make my mistake. When traveling, be prepared. Otherwise, say good bye to some of your devices.
Dustin Marx
September 15, 2018
We purchased three different travel adapters for our recent trip to central Europe and this one was our favorite. The other two worked fine with cell phones, but we were able to use this travel adapter (an "Amazon' Choice" selection) with large items such as laptop, Kindle Fire, blow dryer, and curling iron (all of these handle voltage differences within the devices, so we only needed this adapter to fit the European wall outlets). I have just purchased more of these for future trips.
Mindy Mao
June 20, 2018
We just used this for our trip to Peru, Brazil, and Argentina and it worked perfectly. I did not see the model that included the extra fuse until after I bought this one, otherwise I would have opted to get the other model. We are pleased with this product and recommend it, but consider the model with the extra fuse just in case you may need it on your trips abroad! We plan to bring it with us whenever we travel.
December 15, 2017
This is a pretty cool little gadget at a great price. So my wife has been wanting one for quite a while now and I finally bought one for her. I am not tech savy at all but I managed to set this up in just a few minutes. You do have to download a free app and then go into Alexa skills to use the app with Alexa but once I figured that out it took minutes to set up. It works with my phone as well as Alexa. I plugged it into my Christmas lights for now but I plan on setting it up with a lamp in the front room and controlling it from my phone when I am on vacation, so it will look like someone is home. I plan on getting another one set up to the TV for when the kids aren't supposed to be using it (insert maniacal evil laugh) anyway, great product and easy to use and does what its supposed to at an amazing price. Not sure I could give it anything but a 5 star review.
April 23, 2018
Very happy with this product as a plug converter for my tech items such as my iPhone and IPad. I took it to England and Italy and it worked perfectly. Could plug in as many as two phones and two iPads at the same time, Lit up to show me that it was working.. Disappointed that it didn’t convert the current as well,*that’s why I gave it 4 stars) but I only needed it this time for my electric equipment so it didn’t matter.
September 8, 2018
Great concept. Ordered one for our upcoming trip to Italy but only the EU slide lever worked. This would have been fine for this trip but useless for travel to countries where other plugs will be required. Returned and ordered what looks to be the same design from a different company. First time returning something from Amazon so I have to say that they make the process fairly painless.
August 14, 2018
Purchased this one to use with my apple products so I did not need a converter. It's a nice little compact cube with retractible prongs. Also, the color makes it easy to see and you do not forget to pull it from the wall and put back in your suitcase!

Pros: several types of prongs that are internal
prongs lock when you open them
good color
compact design
rapid charge for your phone or tablet

Cons: none

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