Spigen Ultra Hybrid 360 Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX Case (2018) Tempered Glass Screen Protector Included - Black Inc. 065CS25132



  • 360° coverage with case and custom-fit screen protector
  • Long-lasting clear back to showcase iPhone XS MAX
  • Shock-absorbent bumper with Air Cushion Technology
  • Quick button response and accessibility with form-fitting design Fully supports wireless charging
  • Designed for Apple iPhone XS MAX Case (2018)

The Ultra Hybrid 360 is the optimum case for lasting clarity with defense. Its hybrid design combines a shock-absorbent bumper with a clear back great for showcasing the iPhone 6.5. Its simple makeup maintains slimness that works with wireless charging and features like the S Pen. Best of all, it includes a glass protector to handle any unwanted screen contact. Preserve the look of the iPhone 6.5 with secured drop defense with the Ultra Hybrid 360.


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September 25, 2018
The case is great the glass protection is terrible holds moisture under the screen slows down touchscreen collects lint and fingerprints for these reasons its overpriced
Nate Rose
November 6, 2018
I bought this case for the screen protector/case combo more than for either of them individually so the fact that the screen protector will not go bubble or streak free is frustrating. No matter how many times I cleaned and got the lint off, the small bubbles and big bubbles remained. I liked the case that’s why I bought this particular version but if just looking for a case, there are better cases out there and cheaper screen protectors.
Peyton Brannan
September 25, 2018
screen fits perfectly! has black outline around the screen protector but it blends in with the black outlines case. the back shows off the actual phone which I love and the camera looks nice as well. however it acquires dust and fingerprints like any case.
September 27, 2018
Got this a few day early then expected date. So far fits well to my phone and not having any issues.
November 9, 2018
The tempered glass screen was easy to apply and fitted perfectly, with no bubbles or other issues. As soon as the back cover went on it caused the glass screen to detach at the edges, creating air pockets over more than a quarter of the screen surface. Repeated re-fitting of both screen and cover did not solve the issue. I eventually gave up and purchased aa different brand.
Jacob Lin
September 29, 2018
Nice and slim but the sides are too smooth, feels like the phone would easily slip out of my hands. Not sure if I will keep.
Tony K. Douangkham
September 25, 2018
Screen protector it came with was cracked at the corner and full of dust....
October 19, 2018
Perfect size. Not too thick.

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