Rusty's Off-Road Upper Shock Conversion Rusty' s Off-Road

  • Converts stem-type shock mounts to more traditional eye mounts
  • Frequently needed when upgrading shocks on Jeep applications
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in pairs

Most of the Jeep vehicles use a shock with a stud-type mount on the upper front, which limits the number of shocks available and makes it difficult to find the correct shock length. Rusty's shock conversion lets you convert to a conventional "EB" 5/" hourglass style upper shock mount. Even though Rusty's has a complete line of shock absorbers with the correct lengths and mounts for suspension kits up to .5 inches, the increasing popularity of high-end rebuildable shocks, adjustable shocks, and shocks with reservoirs makes Rusty's Shock Conversion very popular. It is an easy bolt-on conversion. Price is per pair.


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