Quartet Cork Tiles, 12 x 12, Cork Board, Bulletin Board, Mini Wall, 4 Pack (102) 12 x 12


Size:4 Pack

  • Each frameless tile is 12-Inch x 12-Inch, 4 Pack; Natural cork is self-healing for longer lasting use
  • Adhesive tape included for fast and easy hanging in any space; For light use in low traffic work environments
  • 1/4-Inch thick cork tiles are modular to create a customized bulletin board that holds push pins tight
Size:4 Pack

Product Description

Customize a board to fit anywhere you need it with easy-to-use cork panels. Self-stick cork panels easily install in any room. Naturally durable cork provides the added benefit of noise absorption in loud areas. Cork surface is self-healing so pin holes are not visible and the custom design surface stays like new for longer. Design the communication surface you need with these 1/4-Inch thick cork panels.

From the Manufacturer

Quartet Natural Cork Tiles, 12" x 12", Modular, Frameless

Quartet Natural Cork Tiles
The cork is all natural and has a self-healing feature so that pin holes will not be left behind.
Create a custom cork board
Quartet Natural Cork Tiles
The tiles can be used alone or as a group to create a fully tackable cork bulletin board.

Cork tiles offer virtually unlimited versatility. Modular functionality allows each 12" x 12" cork tile to be used alone, or placed alongside other tiles to maximize the tackable surface. The frameless design of the tiles allows them to hang seamlessly next to each other, or you can leave space in between for a more creative, and stylish look. Like with any standard bulletin board, items can be quickly and easily tacked up on durable cork surface using push pins. The cork is all natural and has a self-healing feature so that unsightly pin holes will not be left behind when you take down your display items. At 1/4" thick, the cork also has the ability to absorb noise which is an added plus in busy households and work environments. Mount cork tiles to any wall, in any configuration, with the included self-stick adhesive tape and you've got a custom cork board. Cork is designed for light use and is suitable for work, home or school display purposes or for use in arts and crafts projects. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Frameless, modular cork tiles are popular because of their varied functionality. The tiles can be used alone or as a group to create a fully tackable cork bulletin board that matches your style and meets your needs. Cork tiles are sold in packs of 4 or 8; 4 pack available in natural or dark cork.

Choose the Quartet Cork Product That's Right for You

Quartet offers a variety of durable cork products that can be used as surfaces for display, or for arts and crafts needs.

Quartet Cork Tiles Quartet Cork Bulletin Board Quartet Cork Roll
Surface Type Natural Cork Natural Cork Natural Cork
Self-Healing Yes Yes Yes
Size 12" x 12" 36" x 24" 24" x 48"
Frame None Aluminum None

Cork Tiles--All natural cork material is both durable and tackable. Secure items to these customizable frameless and modular cork tiles using push pins. Each tile is 1/4" thick, measures 12" x 12" and can be used alone or with others for a variety of needs. Adhesive self-stick tape included for mounting.

Cork Bulletin Board--Standard 3' x 2' cork bulletin board features an aluminum finish frame. Ideal for light to moderate display use, the tackable cork holds pinned documents securely in place. The natural, self-healing feature of the cork extends the surface life of the board. Mounting hardware is included.

Cork Roll--Great for craft projects at home, work or school. Natural cork roll measures 24"W x 38"L but can be easily cut to the size and shape you desire. The 3/8" thick cork is ideal for absorbing sound, lining drawers and more. Self-healing ability allows for long lasting use. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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Casey C
October 21, 2016
I did a TON of research before I purchased these! So yea, it's true that they're incredibly thin. Also true that the stickers won't keep it up for long. SO that being said, I knew this going in and planned on using finishing nails to keep the squares up. Worked out very well for our use!
October 13, 2013
To start off I gave it 4 stars because the other reviews are right about the thinness and to be cautious when tacking things up because the whole point is not to put holes in your wall. Although I find it sufficient to keep the things I have tacked up to stay up.

The adhesive issue. I read many reviews about the double sided adhesives not sticking to the cork board very well, so instead of just seeing how it works for me I put painters tape on the cork material and then the double sides adhesive to the tape. I've had it up for two weeks now and no problems whatsoever. They give you enough adhesive squares so that you can put two on each corner of each cork tile.

I bought two sets because I needed a really long board to tack up all of my headlines and design work for class so that I can see it and sort it out as I am mostly a visual person. So these tiles did the trick for me. Every other cork board that was decent in size was either really expensive or too short in height.

I recommend this to anybody who is looking for a custom solution for specific needs like I had.
September 17, 2016
These works fine for the Command Center I was putting together, but they are a bit on the thin side. I had to angle the push pins to get them in.
August 24, 2016
Adhesives didn't work that well. I put 4 on the back of one square, and the cork fell down after 1 week holding one sheet of paper..

September 1, 2014
After reading comments made by others I knew that each of these tiles was thin, about 1/8
June 21, 2017
I like these in my office for tacking project ideas to. They make a nice grid that can look quite attractive if you take time to space it out and line everything up. The one downside is that this cork is very thin so you will not have much luck with standard sized push pins. A better bet is to get some map-style dot head push pins that are 1/8 inch (shorter than normal). When you insert the push pins it's best to do so at an angle so that you don't accidentally puncture the wall behind.
Maria M.
March 28, 2013
The cork tiles themselves are okay. They are what I expected. Kind of thin, but if we use the shorter push-pins, it's not a problem.

But installing these with the included mounting tape? AWFUL!! It was practically impossible to remove both sides of the double-sided tape squares to stick these to the wall. If I got one side peeled and stuck to the board, I then could not get the other side off, and the whole square had to be scrapped.

My husband walked in on me, in a fit of fury, trying to get the backing off of the double-sided mounting square, and he said,
Amazon Customer
August 22, 2017
For some goods, there's no sense paying a premium when you know a cheaper version will do. Not the case here. These are the WORST. Every time you touch them, the cork flakes off, both large and small chunks. The cork is loosely held together, and it has a nasty, cheap feel when you run your hand over it. They flop around and feel like they're going to snap in half at any moment. They're also thinner than an average thumbtack's pin length, which means you might end up with holes in your wall anyway. Absolutely not worth it.

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