Originality Wiggle Eyes 3 inches 6 Pieces Environmentally Friendly Toy Eyes Handmade Art DIY Material Black and White Toy Eyes (3 inches) HH-Eason


Size:3 inches

  • Omnipotent Big wiggle eyes You can use it to DIY Stick it on all kinds of toys Or stick it at home Make your home more distinctive
  • A set has six eyes and each eye has 3 inches in diameter The thickness is about 1cm The black eyes are about 1.8 inches in diameter
  • wiggle eyes Can cooperate with plush balls corrugated paper cups paper plates etc produced a variety of lovely images
  • Eyes can move very flexibly The raised eyes also have very good 3D effects It's a Perfect Handmade material
  • You can make your child work with you to improve his imagination and creativity
Size:3 inches

The eyes are made of environmentally friendly plastic The diameter is 3 inches Accompanied by adults, the children can also work together to make
You can put these big eyes on the furniture or door to make them more vivid more energetic Or give it to a friend as a gift of course It's great to decorate a party
It's a great hands-on toy for your kids With you you can give this to him and let your child decide for himself what to do with it While playing, he exercises his imagination, creativity and practical ability It's two birds with one stone


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