Oracal 651 Glossy Permanent Adhesive Vinyl, 12 x 10', Black 12 x 10' Spring Hill

  • Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • Color adhesive backed vinyl
  • Excelent for cutting plotters, lettering and decorations
  • Works great with plotters

Oracal 651 Vinyl is a High Quality permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl. This product is excellent for creating vehicle decals, stickers, letters, symbols and much more. Works great with plotters. It is very easy to use. Each roll is 12"x 10 feet. Please be advise color may differ slightly from picture, due to screen adjustments. These are cut from the roll and each sheet maybe plus or minus 0.5'.


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October 5, 2016
I ordered the 12
Amazon Customer
October 26, 2016
I guess I should have read reviews before purchase! And I will not make that mistake again! Had to throw away the first several inches of vinyl due to two non removable stickers and major scratching of the vinyl! I have ordered from several different vinyl retailers and never had this issue. WILL NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE AGAIN!
Stasia MoPe
December 9, 2016
Delivered as promised but why would you put stickers 3-4 inches into the roll?? I can't get them off cleanly so now I'm wasting vinyl.
twins mom 22
September 29, 2016
I have been using oracal vinyl with my cricut machine for over a year. This is wonderful quality vinyl and you can't beat this price since it include the shipping. Do the math and get a nice deal for a lot.
Kristi Barker
May 2, 2017
Based on recent questions compared to other reviews, it asked if they still used the sticker with a customer answer being no. Well, needless to say I was disappointed when I saw it being scared to peel it off. Luckily, I was able to peel it off without any sticking. Unfortunately after that I noticed a crease in the vinyl; come to find out it was folded and stuck together. I can't use that section except for anything smaller than 3 inches, so at least it's a small amount of scrap. I haven't unrolled the entire thing so I'm hoping there aren't any other flaws. Other than that I did not have scratches like others and is what I was hoping for.
March 24, 2017
I just received 12
Daron Fayas
October 24, 2017
No complaints. No problems using it. It seems to stay adhered as well as other vinyls I have used and it can be removed without a mess if necessary. This is not as thin or stretchy as automotive finish vinyl but otherwise very similar. You can stick it over an irregular surface easier if you heat it but it does not stretch real well around a curved surface. Very good for a flat surface which is what it is designed for.
Kelcee Boughan
November 10, 2016
Bought this for my small crafting vinyl business. Vinyl is good but the paper backing is awful! I apply to my sticky mat for cutting and once done cutting, the paper back is impossible to peel off. It just sticks and tears!

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