NYKKOLA 8pcs/lot Steel knives Hand Tool Sets As One Used For Carving, Shaping, Clay Sculpture, Modeling 4336842231

  • The package contains 8 different shapes of pottery clay sculpting tools
  • The outer layer of the handle is a black rubber sleeve, and the handle is comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Great for shapping, carving, sculpting, and smoothing clay, wax, and soft mediums

Material: stainless steel Weight: 40 g / Pieces Length: 15cm Quantity: 8 pieces


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Cameron L. Meerdink
February 5, 2016
I saw these tools being used by multiple potters on youtube videos. After practicing for about a month, I finally have the hang of it. Trimming is a dream...IF your pot is the right degree of leather hard. Too dry and you will definitely get a lot of chattering. After perfecting the timing, I find these trim much more neatly and with more control than the loop tools I had been using. I throw pretty dry, so I frequently use them to finish a pot as the final step before I remove it. This has cut my trimming time down to almost nothing - really just taking a bit out of the bottom and cleaning up the edges.
April 2, 2017
These are a poor facsimile of quality Japanese trimming tools. Also, they are sharpened only on one side of the blade. I realized, while attempting to use them on a plate foot, that they're actually sharpened on the wrong side, on several of the shapes..they're LEFT HANDED tools. Quality tools which look like these, are upwards of $100 for a set similar to this. I'd hoped that I found a deal. Not a deal, frustrating.
April 12, 2017
These are not useful as trimming tools for wheel-thrown pots. The metal is too thick. Any useful trimming tool - even an inexpensive one - uses thin strips of metal (e.g., steel). I bought them thinking they might be a less expensive version of similar, more expensive tools sold elsewhere, but they aren't. I recommend against buying them for the kind of trimming I described.
Courtney L. Rice
September 1, 2016
I would have liked to purchase them separately. They're not expensive but it feels wasteful because there are so many of these that are difficult to use, and there's nothing included with suggestions for how to use the strangely shaped knives so you sort of have to ruin pieces trying to understand (and remember) the effect you get with each for slab work and then again for wheel throwing. I've found my favorites and they're sharp and well made but there was a huge learning curve and I've been a potter for over 15 years.
Amazon Customer
December 15, 2016
Not bad straight out of the box, after sharpening and reworking the edge they really shine. Good for chattering as well
D. Parker
April 3, 2018
Crazy sharp tools!! Not thin metal tools, like I was expecting, but quite sturdy metal tools that are very sharp. I use them for trimming leatherhard pots on the wheel. I've been doing pottery for 5 years professionally and these tools are basic enough that they get used often. I love when tools can be used for multiple stages of working with the clay.
L.A. Brown
January 10, 2017
I have to admit, I did not expect these to be as heavy or sharp as they are. They took a while to arrive but at the reasonable price (for pottery tools anyway) I didn't mind waiting. A nice product at a fair price.
March 18, 2016
I was looking for something pretty sharp to be similar to a tool my ceramics instructor has.
(He got his in China.)
These are not as thin as his and don't work as well.
I will use them but not my favorite tools.

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