Nicole- Multi-purpose Heat Gun Tool with Stand Is Perfect for Embossing, Drying Paint & More (Colors May Vary) 03237001579

  • Melts embossing powder to create a raised, shiny, embossed impression without blowing powder away.
  • Great for drying paint, shrinking gift wrap and much more!
  • Features a clear plastic shield that covers the hot metal nozzle, an on/off switch and fold away stand.
  • UL Approved
  • 650 degrees F / 350 degrees C. 320 Watts, 3 amps, 120V

Emboss, shrink-wrap and dry paints with this handy multi-purpose heat gun. This heat gun heats and embosses without blowing away pricey embossing powders. Shrink wrap packages and more with this terrific tool. Fold away stand and complete instructions for use are included. A vital tool for rubber stampers and crafters. 320 watts 3 amps 650 degrees F. Other features include a plastic safety shield that covers metal nozzle and on/off switch. UL approved


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Nick Bjorklund
November 21, 2015
The gun is as pictured (though a different color). However, on first use, the top of the gun (plastic) melted because the heater was not centered correctly by the manufacturer
February 1, 2017
I compared lots of heat guns and even though this one seems so much less powerful than the others, it is indeed the perfect size for smoothing out the tops of batches of lip balm. Had I gotten any other one it would have easily set my kitchen counter stuff ablaze. The only, albeit mild, issue I have with it is that the part that says
December 6, 2014
My wife has become very obsessed with embossing and I purchased this item to aid in her obsession. The gun works very well and heats the embossing powder quickly and easily, resulting in a nice finished product. It should be noted that there are other applications for this gun, including paint or glue drying, but I cannot comment on its effectiveness with those other applications. However, I do think it would do a fine job drying anything that is safe to dry (and won't melt!!!!).

My two warnings are:
1) Just watch what surface you put the hot gun down on as it can ruin certain surfaces (i.e., wood, plastic, etc.); and
2) The manual states that the gun may smoke after the first use, which is normal. Mine did smoke (AND STINK!) but sure enough, it never smoked again after that first day.

Highly recommended product, at least for heat embossing!
C. Waite
July 4, 2012
I bought this heat gun for craft projects. First time ever buying or using a heat gun and I am glad I bought this one. It does get hot so you have to be very careful not to burn yourself or the item you are heating up. I know I will get a lot of use from this product and I would purchase it again.
January 10, 2017
Works great! We used this for embossing over 250 envelopes in two sittings without a problem or overheating. Nothing melted, nothing burned, nothing ruined! Flipped the switch on right away and it worked immediately. I chose this over the ones I saw in store because of the reviews and trust in the product not failing during use. It delivered on all fronts. Only wish is a carrying case to store it.
April 14, 2016
I use this with my polymer clay sculpting. It is lightweight and easy to hold. The hot air flow is focused into a small air stream which is perfect for me when I am trying to attach little embellishments to my pieces like tiny flowers and bow ties. The color of the gun I received is bright lime green not the teal blue seen in the photo which is fine. It is quiet, no where near as loud as a blow dryer.
Seattle Sue
August 20, 2018
Finding new uses every day.

I bought this to help speed up drying times for some watercolor projects. I can hold the heat gun quite far away and blow just enough warm air to do the job.

I bought an acrylic box that came with a big label across the front. The label shredded when I tried to pull it off. The more I pulled on it the worse it got. Heating it lightly softened the adhesive and saved the day. Using it on a second box, I managed to remove the label intact.

The gun gets hot enough for heat shrink tubing.

I find the shape easier to direct close work than the pistol grip style of heat gun.

There was a little smell when first used new. It wasn't any worse than most heating devices and went away quickly.
May 16, 2014
I use my heat gun for embossing,, shaping plastic, drying paint and gesso. It is well used and looks it. A word of caution to new users. NEVER point your heat gun straight down when you use it. The reflected heat can burn out the insides. That is Very Hot Air.

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