Motorola Battery Case for Moto Z - White 89913N



  • Up to 16 (global) hours of extra battery.
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight design
  • Efficiency mode for more power

Instantly add up to 16 (global) hours of battery life to your phone-without adding bulk. The 2220 mAh Moto power Pack snaps on easily so you can recharge on the run. Forget about fumbling with extra batteries or searching for open wall outlets. Just snap and go.


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Steven B
August 13, 2017
The 2nd generation 2220 mAh battery pack from Motorola is much better than the 1st generation Incipio / Tumi manufacturered. I own the 1st generation Tumi wireless battery pack of the two.

Here's the differences:
- Advertised depth dropped from 0.27 inches to 0.20 inches.
- The soft touch rubber feels great in the hand, a welcome change from the cheap plastic on the Tumi mod.
- The mod weight feels about 30-50% lighter than the Tumi wireless battery back. There's no wireless charging on this moto battery pack, but the added thickness of the Tumi mod made it awkward and clumsy to use on stand-up wireless charging docks anyway.
- Battery life indicator button uses 4 white LEDs to indicate how much life you have left. The Tumi mod used one light with colors, just enough to know if the battery mod is dead, but not if it's 50% charged.

If you haven't bought a battery pack for your Moto Z, this is the one if you're on the fence and you're not too heavy of a user. If you bought a Tumi pack like I did, this is a huge upgrade just on thickness, weight, and feel alone. For me, it's enough to be a daily driver moto mod and It's currently installed indefinitely on my phone until something better or more convenient comes out (maybe the wireless charging shell?).

There's also the Motorola Turbo Power Pack that Motorola advertises on their site - you'll know if you need that, so skip this power pack if you're a heavy user (gaming all day, need ridiculous SOT, need to charge battery pack quickly, regularly burn through phone's internal battery in 2-3 hours).
August 21, 2017
One of my favorite things to do on a day off is visit a city, leave my car at the edge of town, and use Google Maps and transit to get around. In the past, this has typically meant I had to leave a battery pack in my pocket and string an unruly cable to my phone. And even then, they never charged quickly.

I got this when I upgraded to the Z2 Force, and it has been the perfect complement. I get nearly 5000 mAh of combined battery, which means the phone far exceeds the life of my LG G6 or iPhone 7 Plus. I drive it hard with transit apps, Google searches, and navigation, and I've had a hard time getting the phone to 50% at the end of the day. Under my normal day-to-day usage, I can easily hit two days of battery life.

It's true that it doesn't turbocharge, but when I throw it on the charger at night, I have hours to spare to let it do its thing. An extra $30 premium for TurboCharging didn't really make sense for me.

Best of all, I feel like the weight in my hand with this Mod feels about as heavy as the iPhone 7 Plus. I can't one-hand my whole day, but it's definitely more elegant than a Mophie case.
Todd L. Owens
September 29, 2017
Well I have to say this is a huge improvement over pervious battery cases I have had on other phones. The other ones turned the phone into a brick. This case is barely noticeable and since the z2 force is so thin it actually makes it easier to hold on to. As far as battery life goes I have yet to deplete both the phone battery and mod battery. I was up in the air about keeping the z2 or sending it back because it was too thin and the battery mod made me decide to keep it. I would recommend getting a Verizon two-tone bumper case to put on the device. It will make the phone more manageable and not ding the metal edges.
John Z
October 31, 2017
I had just received my Moto Z2 Play, and loved everything about it except for the extreme thinness and the smooth back. I found the phone harder to grasp than other phones I've owned (I don't use my phone in a case). I started looking for a back, and decided this battery mod was ideal. It is very thin, adding enough depth to the phone to make it easier to hold on to, yet keeping it from becoming "brick-like". The rubber backing adds enough friction to prevent the phone from slipping out of your hand. Another nice feature is the camera lens which protrudes from the back is now flush with the back.

As you can see, the main reason I bought this was to provide a better back for the phone. But the addition of the extra battery power makes this Mod a wonderful accessory at a very reasonable price. My phone now has the equivalent of a 5200 Mha battery, enough to last me 2 days based on my usage. Attachment to the phone is fast and easy (as is detachment). The battery in this mod acts as a charger for the phone's battery, much as external battery chargers work. There are two settings. One will have this battery charge the phone's battery all the time - once the mod battery is depleted, the phone's battery will operate on its own. The other setting is to let the phone's battery run down to 80%, then the mod battery will begin charging the phone battery. This latter setting is said to be more efficient, and that is the one I use.

Overall, this is an inexpensive but valuable mod you can add to your Moto Z phone.
Simple Review
August 18, 2017
So far I am loving how this keeps my internal phone battery at 100%. There are two things that contributed to the 3 stars, the battery does not appear to support turbo charging and the 4 indicator lights are on the inside of the battery case so you have to remove it to see them.

The lack of turbo charge on this battery isn't that big of a deal. You will get through a whole day with this battery case but I was surprised at how slowly it recharged. No issues with it keeping my phone's battery at 100%, and the first night the case battery only dropped about 2% while I was sleeping.

I have mixed feelings about the indicator lights. I'm not sure what they were thinking by putting the lights on the INSIDE of the battery case but since the remaining battery power is displayed when you swipe down on your screen I don't mind. I still feel they should have added the lights to the outside like I have seen with other battery cases.

Overall a good battery case if you aren't looking to drop $80+ on the other options.

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