Left Handed Folding Waiter 4-in-1 Corkscrew, Orange Handle COMINHKPR84170

  • The screw rotates counter-clockwise which is much easier for lefties to use than the right-handed corkscrew which rotates clockwise.
  • Contains four different tools, a knife, corkscrew, bottle gripper and bottle opener, all of which fold into a handy and compact orange body.
  • Custom made exclusively for Lefty's the Left Hand Store.

Lefty's Logo 4-in-1 Corkscrew: this versatile corkscrew comes with four different tools, a knife, corkscrew, bottle gripper and bottle opener, all of which fold into a handy and compact, 4.5 inch long, orange body.


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Michael J. Webb
April 21, 2016
I work in a restaurant and need to use a wine key all the time, I stumbled upon this and thought it was a perfect solution. When I got it however, I saw that the foil cutter is in fact still RIGHT handed, which makes this product almost useless to me. If you are going to make a left handed tool, make the whole thing left handed, not just some parts of it.
Danella Ramon
May 12, 2018
I actually work in the restaurant industry and think this item a blessing. I wish it came in different colors and perhaps maybe not plastic. It's not cheaply made as others described. Is it as nice/pretty looking as other right handed wine keys? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, we live in a right hand dominant world and left handed people are stuck with orange. The plus is I don't look like a schmuck anymore opening up wine bottles in front of customers.
Kevin S
December 19, 2016
This is the best present for anybody you know and like that is left handled and either works in an industry that opens bottles of wine, or enjoys wine themselves .
Michael D. Fisher
January 20, 2016
Do you have one of 'those' lefties in your family? You know the ones.. they constantly bitch about living in a right-handed world. I DO. And this is one of those things I got him to get him to shut up.

(Seriously, I love him and this was just a gift)
Amazon Customer
October 4, 2017
I thought I was doomed to break wine corks for the rest of my life, until I found this gem. Only thing I wish is that it was a different color, I work in a nice restaurant and it's kind of weird opening an expensive bottle of wine with a bright orange corkscrew.
Amazon Customer
February 20, 2016
The orange color is mildly annoying and it says
April 25, 2015
Works great. Just what I was looking for.
Kim C
August 4, 2015
Absolutely the best opener and so easy to use

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