Itoya EV-12-4 Art Profolio Evolution 4x6in. Photo Size 24 Sheets for 48 Pictures Black FBA_EV1204/EV124 FSPBI46E



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Sam C
January 8, 2017
Good book for pictures. GREAT for storing Peerless watercolor active palatte. I have 55 colors, have a couple other sample color charts and still have 3 pages left. Colors do not touch, printing and color swipes are protected by plastic. Recommend highly for this purpose.
June 18, 2016
There was a little boy we used to often babysit in the 1990s, and he recently got married. I had a sudden inspiration to go thru my photo albums (we were always taking pictures back then and I enjoyed organizing them), and find photos that he was in. There were more than I realized! And most of them were very funny! I picked out the best 50 and got reprints made. After
August 27, 2015
This cover will be perfect for my Peerless watercolors. Oh and I did get 2 in the pack! ud83dude0a
S. Gupta
October 6, 2016
Love these! We started buying these regularly. They are
Bill Oterson
January 4, 2015
Not the first of these 'Art Portfolios', by Itoya, that I've purchased as I've also the 13x19 portfolio which I like as much as this one.

I've found these portfolios to be of a good quality. They come with 20 pocket sleeves that are acid, PVC and lignin free and, also, a black pocket sheet that is acid free and intended to sit between two photos per sleeve; ample room for my photo display. However, additional sheets can be easily added; the portfolio should hold quite a bit more.

This 8.5 x 11 version is small enough for me to carry around comfortably and the photos appear very clear when in the sleeves. Although, they can be removed, for viewing, and replaced through the top opening without difficulty.
June 15, 2018
Came exactly as expected. Good quality. We used this as a vessel for a little homemade baby book that we made for a friend at her baby shower. Iu2019m going to do the same for my son. Itu2019s a little pricey for a small plastic photo book but I searched high and low for something similar that would hold more than 24 pages and this is the best one I could find and much better quality than anything else I saw.
January 3, 2015
I used this for storing my homemade greeting cards. The cards fit perfectly and in general I am happy with the portfolio for what it is. My only complaint and the reason I would not buy too many of these is that at least with a greeting card in each slot, the portfolio is very narrow at the binding and very large at the opening, making it hard to store. For one or two portfolios it is fine since I keep them in my craft room and simply display them on the shelf as the portfolio becomes basically a
Blythe Dresser
September 26, 2011
Honestly, I would never use this case to display a professional portfolio to a review board or a critic. That said, this portfolio is still a quality product that is very useful for protecting and displaying images at a reasonable price.

I bought this portfolio for a class final in which we were asked to put together a collection of 25 photographs that we had made throughout the semester. The professor told us that we would not be graded on the portfolio itself, but on the quality of the images. Being a poor student, I was able to pick this up for less than $20, which was ideal.

The cover of the portfolio is durable matte black plastic, which is perfectly nice, but also looks somewhat cheap. Again, not appropriate for a professional review. The sheets themselves are durable, but they do have a slight texture to them, which somewhat obstructs the finer quality of the photograph being displayed. During my critique, each image had to be pulled out of the sleeve individually in order to be properly judged. This was perfectly acceptable in an academic setting, though.

I've kept those same prints in this portfolio since that class ended since this serves as a great protector and organizer for them. I can see this being more useful for people making presentations consisting mainly of printed text.

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