iPhone 6s Plus Case, VANSIN 360 Full Body Cover Ultra Thin Protective Hard Slim Case Coated Non Slip Matte Surface with Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 6s Plus - Black CANSHN 6p-360-b



  • German hardness PC material. Metal texture handle feel, smooth, and anti-Slip.
  • Ultra-Thin Full Body Case is Only 1mm surface, You never saw a full body case as thin as this one and also keep high touch sensitivity.
  • Standalone camera, flash, sensor hole reflect aesthetic idea. Precise buttom cellular hole desgin maintain the original phone experience.
  • Ultraprecise Split-type Design, have Aesthetic and Protect both. Besides, there is a Tempered Glass Screen Protector that can perfectly protect the screen.
  • Package include: 1 x VANSIN Branded [ 360 Full Body Series ] Case; 1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector; 1 x VANSIN Branded Package; 1 x User Manual;

Vansin dedicates to adding fashion elements into the original design while maintaining the original function.We strive to develop more new products and provide best service to our customers.
Package include:
1 x VANSIN Branded Package;
1 x VANSIN Branded [ 360 Full Body Series ] Case;
1 x User Manual;
1 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector;


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January 15, 2018
Arrived right on time (even through the snow storm). It came packaged well. Easy to follow instructions. I was super excited. My partner has the Red one for some time and loved it. So, I decided I needed to protect my new iPhone, after smashing the screen of the old one. (Side note: always purchase insurance on phones that cost more than $80)
Ok, back to the easy install. It literally took me maybe 1 minute. My phone looks awesome and the screen protector came with little cleaning wipes (wet and dry). I’d recommend it and I’d buy it as a gift. It’s such an easy install that buying multiples of colors is something I’m considering. The price, the packaging, and the easiest install! Love, love, love.
August 16, 2018
Not my first Vansin case, and I got back to them because they work! I had a silver iPhone 5S with white front (work phone, got it from my company) and I got a black case to make it look more professional. I liked the result, so when I got a personal iPhone 6S Plus ("inherited" from my wife, so it was pink with white front), I got a Vansin case for it and... voila, it's black. One star off because the screen protector is hard to install correctly -- they tell you to apply it before placing the phone into the case but it would be better to apply it after the phone is in there -- doing it before and being the case so perfect, if the screen film is a little off it's pressed by the case and you get a beautiful (I meant "ugly") air bubble, making the phone look cracked or something, when the screen is off. Good bang for your buck, though, specially if don't need the screen protector or (like I suggested) apply it after the phone is in the case.
November 21, 2017
I really surprise about this iphone case, very comfortable texture, it covers all my iphone, and there is an extra screen cover to give extra protection for my iphone. I just didn't know how to place this cover so that there is no bobble (now it's full of air bobbel, it's my fault anyway ). My boyfriend saw my case and he asked for it! okay, I already ordered another one for him. It's really nice product! Maybe I should put this on my Christmas list!
June 20, 2018
I originally bought this case because I wanted something that didn’t add a lot of extra surface area to the phone. This has is nice and thin and has a rubberized type feel that gives you a pretty good grip, however accidents DO happen.

I’ve had this phone for about 3 months now, and yes I have dropped the phone a couple times because who doesn’t? Our home has a softer wood style vinyl flooring which gives it somewhat of a cushion but is harder than carpet. I’ve dropped it from various heights ranging from about a foot or so (couch height) to chest height (5 feet or so) and the case has protected the phone and left minimal visual defects to the case itself. I’m really impressed with how well the case has stood up to drops considering it’s so thin.

The case itself is slightly thicker than extra depth the camera on the back of the phone adds so it protects the camera. It also came with a tempered glass screen protector which I had initially installed. However after about a week of use with it I removed it. It’s slightly smaller than the opening in the case for the screen and this cause odd lines when viewed at angles and we have kids in the house so sometimes when viewing videos ‘someone’ has to view it from the side and this really bugged me so I removed it. For most people I’m sure that something they can overlook but the glass was very strong and would add some protection if you do decide to use it but with the glass on the iPhones it’s not really a necessity unless you are in places where you might drop your phone on sharp edges.

I’m giving this case 5 stars but not because it’s necessarily the most protective case for a phone. It serves its purpose and is obviously durable and will protect your phone in the event of a drop. It’s thing and feels comfortable in your hand(s) and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your phone so it almost feels like original. The buttons are easy to press and the silence switch is easily accessible. I would definitely recommend this case.
Mackenzie Schneider
June 30, 2018
I received this phone case of 6/27, and by 6/30 the “skin” on the phone began to crinkle/peel on the corners and along the side of the case.
On 6/30 I was out on the boat with family and I had my phone down below on the boat. I came to check messages and the corners and sides were all crinkled which i was shocked about! I tried to see if I could smooth it over back to normal, but then the “skin” began to peel and I stopped since I didn’t want to ruin it further. I kept ahold of my case and found black specs on my hands unfortunately. If those kinds of things don’t bother you then you should be okay, but I will be changing my phone back to an old one.
The case is great, it protects my phone beautifully without all the bulk of others, and it feels great in the hands and you don’t feel like you’re going to drop your phone at all,but cosmetically it is not the best. Overall, 3.5-4 out of 5.
November 23, 2018
I already reviewed this case and gave it 5 stars but I have to update. I recently had my hands full and dropped my phone in a parking lot. It hit hard on the corner of the phone and bounced twice before landing very hard and face down. I was so nervous to pick it up and see the damage. NOTHING!!!! This case totally protected and saved my phone. I am thrilled and love this case!! It is lightweight, easy to hold/use and clearly saved my phone!
Lauren Reid
September 6, 2017
I was very excited to receive this case, I did research on the oh so many brands out there of almost the exact same case. Unfortunately, when my package arrived it was missing the bottom piece of the case and the top piece was chipped on the top left corner. Very disappointed that I didn't even get to try the case. Am worried of ordering another one, I don't want to waste my money and the same thing happen. Idk how Vansin customer service is but I may reach out to them and see if there is anything that can be done. If so I will update my review.
Jiaxu Guo
October 22, 2017
the product is of good quality and I like it very much. The color is also great

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