Hi Sprout Newborn Cover Changeable Lounger, Portable Co-Sleeping Cribs & Cradles-Suit for 0-8 Months, Simple Arrow CZC013


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Product description
Functional Design.
Firstly, There is a drawstring on our baby loungers, so it can be adjusted if you want to get a shapelier one.
Secondly, we have two design, one is just pad changeable; and another one is pad and cover both changeable.
So Hi Sprout baby lounger will be the best choice for you, which is easy assemble and portable.
We choose soft 100% cotton cover, with 100% polyester filling and pad, which are very comfortable and in good shape. All of them are certification by professional organizations.
Different color patterns. We have many kinds of designs, such as simple fashion, colorful world, or cute fit; the unique patterns are beneficial to babies’ sense of visual and tactile, when they try to know the big and special world.
1x baby lounger and 1x suitable PVC bag


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August 15, 2018
Took a while to get here. Am a little skeptical how well this will work for our son. The stuffing on either side isn't very full and could be squished down easy. Doesn't seem like it would prevent an infant from turning or rolling out of it.
September 25, 2018
Excellent co-sleeper for breastfeeding moms! I would highly recommend if you plan on co-sleeping to breastfeed. The middle part is flat and stiff for my baby to sleep on his back comfortably and this product is lightweight and easy to travel with. However the sides could use more padding for when the baby gets bigger and more mobile.

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