Graphite Transfer Paper - 9 x 13 - 50 Sheets - Waxed Carbon Paper for Tracing - MyArtscape (Black)

  • GRAPHITE TRANSFER PAPER - 50 sheets of gray waxed 9" x 13" artists' quality carbon tracing paper to easily copy, duplicate, trace and transfer your designs to canvas, paper, wood, glass, metal, toles, ceramic, clay and more
  • ENJOY YOUR ART TIME - Simplifies artworks, saving time, reducing stress, making art more enjoyable
  • REUSABLE - A single sheet of this carbon transfer paper can be used many times to save you money
  • EASY TO ERASE - 8% wax content ensures bold, clean lines which are easily erasable with a kneaded eraser
  • CLICK 'ADD TO CART' NOW - Quick, grab this deal before our limited time offer expires100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year replacement guarantee

Is Designing Your Artwork by Hand Time Consuming and Tiring?
MyArtscape Graphite Transfer Paper is a specialized transfer paper that uses carbon to transfer a design from one surface to another. Quickly transfer your designs onto your craft project with paper that is a joy to use. This premium paper has an 8% wax content, which creates stronger, cleaner, bolder lines compared to other leading brands. Use this to simplify your art works, reducing the time needed to sketch artworks, making your art time more enjoyable.
Why is MyArtscape Graphite Transfer Paper Superior?
✔ Better Value - Get 50 Sheets, While Other Brands Include Only 20 Sheets
✔ Bolder Lines - Create Cleaner, More Consistent and Sharper Lines
✔ Stronger, More Durable Sheets - May be Reused Several Times
✔ Cleaner to Use - Added Wax Makes the Paper Cleaner to Use
✔ Erasable Lines - Easy to Erase with a Kneaded Eraser
✔ Wont Bleed - Will Not Bleed Through Paint
Intended for
- Paper
- Canvas
- Wood
- Glass
- China
- Metal
- Ceramic
- Tole Painting
- Clay
- Note: Not suitable for fabrics and sewing projects
Inside Package
- 50 Sheets - 9" x 13" Graphite Paper Sheets (not folded)
Buy with confidence. We believe in our graphite paper so much that we offer a 1 Year "hassle-free" replacement guarantee.
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August 30, 2017
I love the size because I take photographs, then I print them out to the size that I want. I use this paper to transfer my images on to canvas, watercolor paper or wood so I can paint. The transfer line is crisp no matter what ground is used. The paper can be reused. I am completely blind in one eye and only have 80% vision in the other. WITHOUT THIS PAPER I COULDN'T PAINT my realistic art. Yes I know that sounds dramatic but it is true. Without this quality paper I would have to become either an abstract or impressionist painter. That is not necessarily a bad thing but to continue as I have for over forty years makes my reality easier to bear. There is one caveat. If you press too hard you will have a very dark line. Great for me but you might want to trace with a light hand. Please see my unfinished watercolor. You can see the marks that paint by on the right side.
Carole P
March 22, 2018
Note: Revised from 2 stars to 3 because of seller's outreach to try and make things right with me.

This product is not suitable for use on watercolor paper by watercolor artists, as it does not erase easily (more like, not at all). It behaves like black carbon paper...its coating is black and makes VERY dark marks even with normal pencil pressure. By contrast, the graphite paper I purchase from a competitor is a silvery dark gray and erases very easily from watercolor paper with a kneaded eraser. With this paper, I could barely erase the marks with an electric eraser; my kneaded eraser didn't lighten the marks at all. If you're a watercolor artist looking for graphite paper that makes marks that are easily erased or lightened with a kneaded eraser, avoid this product.

Perhaps the product is mislabeled or the wrong thing was in the packaging that I got. There is no reference to
Mark L. Melcher
March 2, 2017
Like any other art/drafting material, some experimentation is required. This transfer paper is very good for tracing outlines onto an art paper and an individual sheet lasts much longer than I expected. I've used fewer than 10 sheets for over 100 tracings. It is great when I need several drawings of the same subject for work in different media. Saves a lot of time and drawing effort. It transfers well on all papers I've tried, from normal bond paper to watercolor paper. However, it does not erase well on all papers, which is a characteristic of the paper and not the carbon transfer paper. So experiment with different papers to find the best fit, generally a smooth surfaced paper. Also -- handle with care. It can get messy if handled roughly. All in all an excellent product that I highly recommend.
September 28, 2017
I use this paper a lot to transfer lettering, outline drawing, etc. I'm using a plastic embossing stylus, but I think there's a better tool out there. Anyway -- love the paper. Bonus: when my order arrived it was bent in the package -- bad enough -- and the envelop wasn't marked 'do not fold' or anything so by the time I opened it, the paper was definitely damaged. I wrote a harsh packaging review and was sent another pack of paper! Very nice.
March 28, 2017
I am very pleased with this product. I bought it because of the price and I didn't need real good quality. 50 sheets for this price is unheard of and guess what? I just traced my 18th copy still using the first sheet of carbon and it is still going strong. To be sure the copies are a little dimmer but that is good for my purpose. After I paint my pictures I use a soft white eraser and all the carbon disappears leaving me with a beautiful painting.
Steve Dahlin
February 8, 2017
I used this graphite transfer paper on a wall that I painted a scene on. It made my painting so much easier, because I could erase easily and cleanly to make changes in the artwork. The paint covered the lines completely; so much better than carbon paper. I will be using this often. If you rub it or lean on it while tracing onto the wall or other substance, it might leave marks, but is easily erased without needing to paint over it.
T. Gal
June 18, 2017
If you are attempting any art project and don't have a steady hand or don't have artistic talent, those is for you. Just put it down between something you printed or a photo you have a trace. If you make a mistake you can erase any lines you need. That's what makes this better than carbon paper. It's great for so many projects!
December 3, 2016
Works as advertised! I have used this on a few drawings and it is almost sinful how easy this makes things. With just a little practice, I have learned to make the tracings light and erasable. Love it!

You can reuse sheets. There is some loss so I use it on less intensive pieces for the second and third times.

With the composition outline done I can finally focus on the art and detail. I can get into art again.

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