Galaxy S8 Plus Battery Case, Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Charger for Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus / s8+ 6.2-inch Phone ONLY- 5000mAh Extended Battery Juice Power Fast Charging Case [Quick Charge Pass-Thru] 4326446869



  • (Note: Compatible Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus 6.2” ONLY) Powerful 5000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery case can effectively provide 100%+ extra battery life for your Galaxy S8 Plus, which is equivalent to add 27 hours talk time or 17 hours web browsing time.
  • 360° comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell backplate, the Trianium Atomic Pro Fast Charging Portable Charger protects your Galaxy S8 Plus from scratches and other daily wear and tear, yet small and convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket.
  • Featuring Quick-charge sync-through technology, the battery case allows you to sync your computer without having to remove the case. Simultaneously charge your samsung s8+ and battery case together with your original Samsung Stock type-c cable/adapter.
  • LED Power level indicator - Tell exactly how much power you have; and a softer side that safely holds your Galaxy S 8 plus while providing easy access to all buttons and ports. (Notes: NOT Compatible with Qi technologies or any other wireless charging device)
  • Lifetime hassle-free warranty by Trianium offers extra peace-of-mind protection for your Galaxy S8 Plus battery base.


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August 10, 2017
Awesome product. I didn't know I needed a charging chase until I had one. I find myself always looking at my phone at the end of the day and see it at 20% or lower depending on usage. Typically, after my workday, I will try to go to the gym. Using Bluetooth headphones can drain your battery and nothing makes me more upset than running out of battery mid-workout. By purchasing this case I just have to hold the power button on the back for 2 seconds and the phone begins to charge.

I think this case is great because prior charging cases I owned, either made the phone way too heavy or way too bulky. This case is super light weight and hardly adds any extra volume to the phone. The Samsung still easily fits in the palm of your hand and feels about the same weight...awesome. It's also affordable, which is an added bonus.

I encourage anyone reading this review to try this case out, you won't regret it. Check out the photos I've added to see any packaging, size, or color.

Some of the places I've brought my charging case and used it to bring my phone back to life would be:

Music Festivals (Osheaga and Lollapalooza)
Football and Baseball games
Friday and Saturday bar nights
Work after forgetting to charge overnight
Obviously Gym
Paul W. Konopacki
November 24, 2017
So far it is working as expected. Obviously makes the overall phone bulkier and heavier, but I don't mind. I always use two hands when using the phone, anyway. Case puts the fingerprint reader further out of reach, but my fingers are small enough to still get them into the reader. Button mechanisms work better than the case I first tried, which was just stiff rubber that pressed against the buttons and made the phone unusable. I tend to use the phone a lot for video, which is the main reason I wanted the extra battery life.
Hastin Zylstra
June 14, 2018
I visit theme parks and take lots of pictures, and this is a fantastic battery case, gives me about 1.5 charges on my S8+. While it does add some weight and heft to the phone, knowing that my battery will not die near the end of the day is fantastic. The only bummer is that it totally blocks all NFC, so no more using Samsung Pay with this case on.

Great customer service too, had an issue with it beyond Amazon's 30-day return policy, and Trianium replaced it no problem. Recommended.
November 11, 2018
This is truly a game changer! I use my phone aaaaaaaaallot so my phone batt drains by around 3 or 4pm, but once I turn it on, it brings my phone to full charge fast! I turn the device off and it still has 1/2 of batt left in case I run out again. Perfect for long trips or when going on vacation as well, you wont have to worry about stopping to charge your phone, you do it on the go! :)
Zadok E. Othniel
September 7, 2018
Case is not durable first time I dropped my my screen cracked while in case. With in 2 months case begin separating at the seams exposing battery. I was unable to the support needed from seller who copious lectured me in regards to their red tape policy . My over all experience was like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from
Zippidy doo dah
November 24, 2018
While it works great and definitely helps me from having charge twice a day, it does not work with QC 3 quick charging so it takes a while to charge up the phone and battery. Be wary of any product that says it supports quick charging, most are talking about the older QC 2 charging which is not quick compared to QC 3. This case also tends to come apart when dropped so also a downside.
June 19, 2018
Case quality very good. Securily holds phone, button feedback is good. Access to the finger sensors is easy. I was a not able to achieve pass thru fast charging and the case was a little slippery... Would like if the grip was "rubberized.". But when charge was needed, the case worked flawlessly.
April 4, 2018
This case is great reviewed many others before purchasing this one only because one of the reviews said it didn't make their phone heavy that was big thing for me and it isn't too much heavy i wear my phone on my neck not to much difference in weight this case is life saver next purchase is glass protector for my galaxy s8+ you won't regret this purchase and comes with year warranty and it comes fully charged ready to to out the package great product...... Five stars...

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