FlexGear iPhone 7 Plus 8 Plus case [Aura 360] Slim Clear Hard PC Back TPU Bumper + Glass Screen Protector, Compatible with iPhone 7/8 Plus (Clear)



  • Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus (large size models) only
  • AURA KIT includes clear case and tempered glass screen protector
  • PROTECTIVE, SLIM, one-piece case, with shock-absorbing TPU bumper and crystal clear hard back cover. Features: air cushioned corners, «easy press» button covers. [Wireless charging compatible]
  • AURA SHIELD GLASS screen protector, guards your screen against shattering, scratches and bumps. *due to the rounded design of the iPhone screen, the glass screen protector does not cover the entire screen
  • LIFETIME warranty


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March 16, 2017
I love my FlexGear iPhone case. It's very solid and sturdy... very good quality for the price! I have a rose color iPhone so I bought the clear case so that the beauty of the phone is not hidden. When I had my iPhone 6S, I purchased a clear case from another vendor and it was not as good as this one. In addition to the awesome case, it comes with a screen protector that is also very good and super easy to apply to your phone. Actually if you follow the directions to the tee, the protector pretty much applies itself to the phone. I highly recommend these products by FlexGear.
June 11, 2017
Great, Fantastic, so high quality and easy to apply that I wish I had more iPhones just for the fun of getting them into the FlexGear case.
The case and screen protector come very well packed. The screen protector package comes with a small alcohol towel, dust collector screen, and a dry cloth that one can keep for cleaning the screen or eyeglasses. The instruction to apply the screen protector are clear and applying the screen to the iPhone is unbelievable ease. All one needs to do is ensure it is aligned with the device. After placing the protector onto the screen....the screen itself will do the rest in adjusting it self to the phone. It's like self-adjusting shoes laces in "back to the future." That amazing! That easy! Also, the screen does not loose its sensitivity to the touch. The case is flexible enough, clear, and unlike some bulky ones i've seen, this one looks sleek, refined. My iPhone Red continues to look pretty red and the case covers all sides of the phone, including top and bottom. The back is smooth and the sides are anti-slip. I recommend FlexGear X-Grip to anyone in need of a case and screen protector for their iPhone. Oh, and customer service is superb, thorough. Thank you so much. I feel I got my money's worth. Get it!
May 29, 2017
Great looking slim case for Iphone 7plus. It doesn't take away the elegant look of the phone. Feels good in the hands and great corner protection.
Najee Ramiez
August 31, 2018
The case is great covers and protects all the important parts. I don’t plan on dropping my phone but I feel confident this will keep any scratches from marring up my phone. Also the screen protector was better then I expected. I was thinking it would be plastic however it was tempered glass. Following the instructions provided i had no issue installing and pressing out any bubbles. I’m extremely OCD and refused to let my boyfriend put it on because he seemed not to care about the bubbles. He even helped me press some out and gave up with three tiny little bubbles. He told me you won’t see those... yea right... presser then out and haven’t had any issues with them resurfacing! All in all. 10 out of 10!
Susan C
February 22, 2017
I owned iPhone 4 through 7 and have bought plenty cases and this is probably one of my favorite case so far. It's crystal clear, fits snug to my iPhone 7+, the little "legs" on the edge of the backside of the case provides protection to the lenses when you lay the phone face up. It even comes with tempered glass screen protector complete with squeegee, alcohol wipe and a sticker to remove any dust/lint that remains on the face of the phone after you cleaned it with wipe before you apply the screen protector to ensure the screen is completely clean! Time will test if the case yellows but I'd be glad to purchase another one in a heart beat if needed!
tommy meadows
April 27, 2018
This is the nicest phone case I've ever owned. I've never used the tempered glass before - ever - but this came with a link to a Youtube video that showed me step by step how to install it. I love it! This is not the most expensive case I've ever purchased but it is the best. Thanks!
April 23, 2018
This bundle is pretty neat. The case itself has curved edges which hug the front face of the phone and that sure does assure me that the phone is protected. It is clear (not with a gloss or anything) and showcases the color of the phone beautifully. The screen protector that comes with this case does not cover the phone face completely, but it does cover majority of it so no biggie. I like that the volume and power buttons work great in this case although the case is thick on the sides.
February 7, 2018
Case is nice- like the clear and sleek look
Unfortunately not happy with the glass screen protector. Air bubbles and hard to remove and reapply. Followed directions. Leaving it on with the dime sized air bubble corner that isn’t sticking bc I had to reapply it bc I don’t want to go without anything on my screen. Might just have to go back to having a case that also protects the screen.

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