Fits 2005-2013 Nissan Armada Real Black Leather Seat Armrest Covers . (Leather Part Only) DSV

  • 100% Premium Automobile Real Black Leather
  • Replace your worn out Seat Armrest Covers for your 2005-2013 Nissan Armada
  • Upholstery material for your Seat Armrest Covers
  • Restore your Seat Armrest Covers to look better than new.

We specialize in automobile leather and vinyl. This seat armrest covers is made from premium automobile leather, it is a great way to bring back to life your OEM seat armrest covers . The listing is for the leather part only, you need to reuse your OEM seat armrest covers


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August 17, 2018
Competing products with easier installations always look floppy and loose; which isn't ideal for an armrest. THIS design is TIGHT once installed, just like the factory version. However its best to plan ahead because it wont be easy to stretch them in to place. Its worth it though, the leather is super thick and it smells great; a huge improvement over my junk OEM pleather (which was cracking and falling apart). Here are some tips I learned for installation, hopefully they help you guys...

Note: There is a left and right, you can tell by the shape of the armrest (curved on the bottom, flat on the top). Its important the armrest you install matches this

Note 2: This is a 2011 Nissan Titan, which appears to be identical to the Armada

1) Pull the plastic Cap from the factory armrest
2) Use a 13mm ratchet and extension to remove that armrest
3) Once free, tuck the armrest into the new leather cover, make sure your using the R or L model (see above)
4) Its going to fight you when you get close to the end, Be patient and work it bit by bit until you get to the edge
5) Use a butter knife to pry the leather over the lip (just like putting a bike tire on a rim)
6) Once in place, located the bolt pocket, you can feel it with your finger (see photo)
7) Use an X-acto to make an X shaped cut at that location,
8) Push the shoulder bolt through the hole and tighten back to your seat with the 13mm ratchet.
9) Finally, press the snap-cap (which you removed in step 1) into the cross cut hole you made for the bolt. Done!
March 16, 2018
I saw several reviews saying either it didn’t fit or it was hard to get on. First, let me say that the quality looks great and seems quite durable. So installation. The best way to install them is to take off the arm rest. Push back the seats and recline them as far back as they go. This will make the bolt accessible. Take off the covers to expose the bolt. It’s a 13mm bolt. Use a deep well if you have it. After you loosen the bolt leave it in the hole. This will make it easier to screw it back in after you slide the cover on. Once you remove it slide the cover down. Since it doesn’t come with holes for the screws you will have to make them. Use a blade or an exacto knife to cut an x over the inside hole (You don’t need a hole on the outside). After you put it back in place role back the outside Of the cover to expose the bolt. Screw it back in and roll the cover back down. I didn’t put the caps back on because the covers don’t show the hole on the armrests. Hope this helps anyone have probs putting them on.
William Eagle
May 9, 2018
When these slipped on with absolute ease I knew they weren't going to look great. They are way too loose and show a bunch of wrinkles. Plus unlike the factory covers there is no inside flap so you can see foam if you fold up your arm rest. But for $25 at least I don't have torn covers bothering my elbows. Gave 2 stars because the price is low enough that my expectations weren't set very high.
Jenny and John
April 19, 2018
The armrest on my Armada started cracking so I ordered the covers and they worked great. They look good and the fit is really snug. I am very pleased with the quality and look of the covers
July 23, 2015
I little tough to get on but they fit perfectly. They look exactly like the leather of the seat. Not sure why Nissan would make the arm rest vinyl and the rest of the seat leather. These covers are what should be on the arm rest out of the factory.
April 27, 2018
DO NOT BUY!!! See photo. Fits well on drivers side but doesn’t fit passenger side. They either shipped two driver sides or haven’t figured out how to invert the stencile to fit the Passenger side!
rebecca gorman davis
May 16, 2017
Requires a little patience to install. They look good and feel good. Original arm rest vinyl was only cracked on the driver's side, but installed both so that they match.
October 27, 2017
The covers fit great, but the leather looks more like a charcoal color than "Real Black. Otherwise I'd give it 5 stars.

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