Filtrete Allergen Defense Odor Reduction HVAC Air Filter, MPR 1200, 16 x 20 x 1, 2-Pack 3M Canada Company AOR00-2PK-6E


Size:14 x 20 x 1


:Frustration-Free Packaging

  • Removes strong odors in your air from pets, cooking, mildew and smoke and starts working in minutes* {*Based on comparison of organic vapor capacity vs. other national retail furnace filter brands}
  • 65x better at reducing odor than other leading brands** {**Based on comparison of organic vapor capacity vs. other national retail furnace filter brands}
  • Featuring 3M carbon web technology, the Filtrete Odor Reduction filter combines active carbon with electrostatically charged fibers. As air passes through the filter, odors and gases become trapped in the pores of the carbon. This helps reduce odors in your home, including: pet odor, tobacco smoke, cooking smells, mildew, and cleaning chemicals.
  • Designed with Filtrete Brand 3-in-1 technology from 3M to pull in and trap unwanted air particles while letting clean air flow through
  • Carries a 1200 Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR) which equates to a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value MERV 11

The Odor Reduction air filter is the most effective at removing odors in the home. *** Using unique 3M technology with activated carbon, odors are absorbed into the filter. Effective against strong household odors such as those from cleaning chemicals, pets, cooking, tobacco smoke, and mildew.


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August 10, 2016
I'm a bachelor. I live with my dog. We're both old farts set in our ways. We are very lazy. We have very wierd odors, old men odors. Our house smells like you might imagine.
These filters have changed our lives. Friends and relatives actually come to visit us now. We are very upset. Damn filters.
March 5, 2015
**UPDATE** ~ July 2017:

I believe the filter quality has gone down. My last two 4pk orders had some noticeable differences - #1. LOTS of loose black carbon dust in packaging (see pics). This NEVER used to be the case. #2. They seem to be significantly lighter than I remember. I suspect they're cutting corners to save $, which really sucks.

These are by far the best filters I found to help clean the air of tobacco smoke as well as a house full of cats. As other reviewers have noted, the activated carbon is the key to getting much better results than other filters, even outperforming those with better/higher MERV and MPR ratings. I strongly agree that these filters really do need to be changed out every month. I also write the date replaced on the filter with a marker in order to keep track, even though it's pretty obvious just via visual inspection to tell exactly how "dirty" the filter is. I'm going to post pics of a new filter next to an old one that I removed after 24 days so you can see the difference.
March 14, 2017
I was told my the maintenance guy at my apt. complex with whom I'm friends that if you can see through your filter, it's crap. This conversation came about after noticing how often I was dusting my place and then looking around one day when the sun was shining in through the glass door, and my son and couldn't believe all the dust flying around in the air. When I took out the filters the complex supplied, I could literally see my son's face. I went up to Home Depot and found this. Looked through and saw nothing. Within a month, there was almost no dust on the table. It was believable.After 3 months, I accidentally bought the wrong 3M filter here on Amazon. I decided to try it. Ugh. Not good. The dust came right back. I immediately found these and gave those ones to my neighbor (at least they're better than the ones the complex gives us). These filters are wonderful, the amount of dust that they block truly is astounding, and I can't believe how long I've been breathing that in. Disgusting.
June 14, 2013
First some facts that aren't listed in the product description, packaging or website.

This is a pleated particulate filter that has activated carbon impregnated on one side so it both filters the air passing through it of particles and the carbon helps rid the air of odors.

I contacted Filtrete and was informed that this filter has an equivalent MPR rating of 1000, MERV 11 rating, pressure drop of 0.24 and is 90% efficient at reducing particles 1 to 10 microns in size.

My Experience:
I got this filter because of some recent home improvement projects that created a lot of fine dust and odors (paint, cleaning solutions, building materials). I normally use the Filtrete MPR 1000 filters. Overnight there was a significant improvement in odors after using this Home Odor Reduction Filter.

Concerning Dust:
Your HVAC system is not a vacuum cleaner. Running it 24/7 with the best filter in the world will not eliminate the need to dust and clean your home. Much of the dust that settles in your home is too heavy to be sucked up into the air return. Especially if it's far away from the return. These filters work better on lighter dust floating around the air so you breath less of it. For example, I've cleaned pet hair out of the filters for my air purifier and even from the filters on my computers but have never seen any pet hair on my AC filters. The HVAC system just doesn't move air enough to lift pet hair 8' up to the ceiling. Think about it. When you dust a room you don't just stand in the middle of the room holding your vacuum cleaner hose up in the air so it can collect all the dust in the room. You have to pass it over every surface. Why would you expect the lower suction of an air return that's not even in the same room to do it? The filter will clean the dust floating in the air that doesn't settle and prevent it from recirculating.

If you have serious allergies and just using a different HVAC filter isn't enough, you're going to need to get a good quality HEPA air purifier and try and reduce entry of allergens into your home.

You're still going to need to dust and vacuum regularly so don't throw out that feather duster and french maid outfit just yet.

Concerning Odors:
Activated carbon has been proven to absorb all sorts of odors. The odors get trapped in the carbon like a sponge but just like a sponge there is a limit to how much can be absorbed. While this filter has significantly more activated carbon than other similar filters and will help reduce odors don't expect it to perform miracles. Work on eliminating the source of the odors first and let this filter help out when necessary.

Have cats? Keep the litter box clean. Have pets, bathe them from time to time and vacuum frequently. Have mold? Kill and remove the mold and find and fix the moisture problems. Have foul cooking odors? Use your range hood when cooking. Smoke? Don't do it inside, better yet don't do it at all and wash all surfaces of your home because smoke particles get everywhere. You get the picture. This odor reducing filter can help with any odor problem you might have but you can't rely on it to be the only remedy.

Pressure Drop:
Most HVAC systems are designed around certain parameters. System pressure is important so that the system, especially the blower motor in the air handler, is not working harder than spec. Air filters are traditionally used to keep big dust particles from causing problems for the components of the system, not to clean the air for you. Pleated filters have more of a pressure drop than the cheap fiberglass filters and lower MPR filters (MPR 600 is 0.14) and the 0.24 of the Odor Reducing filter is among the highest of the Filtrete filters, equivalent to the MPR 2400 Elite Extra. Many people, including myself with a very old AC unit, use these types of filters to help clean the air without issue. If you have any concerns with an older HVAC unit you might want to contact your HVAC contractor to come to your home and analyze your system. Keep in mind that many do not favor pleated filters even before measuring static pressure and some will try to sell you an expensive electronic air cleaner, which to be fair many work really well.

Since these pleated filters also keep the air passing through the air handler and ducts cleaner they can also help reduce maintenance costs though. As filters become clogged the pressure drop increases so it's important to change your filters regularly. How often depends on the air quality in your home.
November 2, 2016
These would probably be good for a house, but in my apartment it severely limited the airflow in my AC unit. They worked great on smells, but we put these in during the summer and there would be barely any air coming out of the vents in the living room. We thought that there was something wrong with the AC until I realized that every time my husband opened the door with the filter, I could feel the cold air coming through the vents again.
Hard to Please
February 20, 2017
Not individually wrapped which makes the charcoal feature worthless. Any activated charcoal product needs to be individually wrapped to be effective as it degrades when exposed to air. Useless at this quantity unless you are changing 6 filters at once. And of course they arrive smashed by UPS but isn't that normal?
August 16, 2017
Just received my 6-pack and this is review of the packaging, not the product. The 6-pack comes in a single plastic wrap not designed for reuse, the filters are not individually wrapped as they would be if you purchased just one. If you open the 6-pack and do not re-wrap the unused filters in air tight, non-out-gassing. plastic the activated filter material will absorb vapors and be exposed to humidity just sitting in storage before they are installed that will reduce or even eliminate its effectiveness of these expensive filters..

Not too many residential users need 6 filters at once. I wrapped my unused filters in food plastic wrap to keep them "fresh" until they are used and it was a big pain Come on 3M, you should know better!!

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