Counteract DIYK-1012 Tire Balancing Beads Semi Kit - 10oz&12oz DIY Kit (116oz)

  • Kit contains 2 x 10oz + 8 x 12oz Bags of Counteract, 10 x Counteract Vortex Valve Cores, 10 x Counteract Valve Caps, 1 x Counteract Valve Core Remover, 1 x Airless Injector Bottle and Tube (Valve Cores and Caps are packed in each bag)
  • Made in North America, use this link to find out how much you need;
  • TPMS Friendly, Extend Tire Life, Decrease Vibration, Balanced for the life of the tire, No Wheel Weights, Eco-Friendly.
  • Only balancing product on the market proven to increase fuel economy! Only balancing product with documentation to prove it;
  • Counteract does not void any tire warranties and does not break down inside the tire. Trust the experts, we have been manufacturing the same product for 20 years. Do not be fooled by inferior copy products.

Balancing Beads is the only tire and complete wheel assembly balancing product on the market proven to improve fuel economy in two separate S.A.E and TMC type II tests. Balancing Beads are manufactured as a tempered glass bead that is placed inside a tire, or injected through the valve stem, allowing for a complete tire & wheel assembly balance without the use of external wheel weights. extends tire life, improves fuel economy, balances the complete wheel assembly, decreases vibration and driver fatigue, last for the life of the tire, and is environmentally friendly. The DIY Kits include everything you need to install the product at home via the Valve Stem. If you are having new tires mounted, every bag of 4oz & up is a Drop In Bag system. Simply open your Balancing Beads bag, and place the inner clear bag containing inside the tire cavity as it is being mounted. Once the tire is sealed and mounted to the vehicle, the bag will break on its on when the vehicle starts to move. For more infomration on the installation and use of Balancing Beads please refer to our website Not sure how much you need? No problem, you can use our online calculator to figure out what your tire size needs If you do not see your tire size on our App or Chart, please give us a call and we will gladly guide you to the correct amount required for your application -00-7-9


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