COMP Cams EVL-3010 Camshaft (EVL 234/234 R102)

  • Constructed of stainless steel continuous band with extruded, asymmetrical threads
  • Asymmetrical (offset) gear box minimizes clamp twist when tightening
  • Combination of asymmetrical gear box and extruded threads even clamping force over hose surface
  • Withstand up to 3.7 ft./lbs. (5mm)

Gator Brand Clamps are produced using a stainless steel continuous band with extruded, asymmetrical threads for reliable performance. The edges of the band are rolled to prevent any sharp edges from damaging the hose. This is especially important on silicone hoses that have a soft, vulnerable cove. An asymmetrical (offset) gear box is employed to reduce clamp twist when tightening. The gear box housing is designed to remain stationary as the clamp tightened to prevent movement over those hose. The combination of the asymmetrical gear box and the extruded threads provides an even clamping force over the surface of the hose that ensures proper sealing with minimal torque. Gator Brand Clamps hold up under 3.7ft./lbs. (5mm) torque; conventional clamps strip and fail at this torque. Gator Brand Clamps can be installed using a flat blade screwdriver, metric socket wrench, or with the Gator Brand Flexible Clamp Tool for maximum torque potential. Gator Brand Clamps cover a size range of 5/6" (mm) to 5.000" (0mm) with many part numbers to provide the jobber with effective clamp coverage with minimal inventory.


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November 21, 2018
Just got mine in the mail. Looks nice but there is no gear installed. Will be contacting seller.

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