Brother SA126 7mm Narrow Hem Foot

  • Create flat narrow hems on lightweight fabrics (for machines with 7 mm feed dogs)
  • Fold and stitch fabric edges in one step
  • Precise measurement from fabric edge
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory
  • For all 7mm feed dog machines

Narrow Hem foot is slightly wider and flatter to form and create a beautiful narrow hem. Fits the following machines: PE770, LS2125i, XL2230, XL2600i, XL2610, XL3510, XL3750, ES2000, CP6500, CP7500, 1034D, PC210PRW, PC420PRW, SE400, LB6800PRW


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Amy B.
October 15, 2015
This foot does have a bit of a learning curve, but after watching some YouTube videos and practicing I got the hang of it. I practiced by making scarves for my dogs. By the 3rd scarf I knew how to manipulate the fabric and get a beautiful tiny hem. Plus, the dogs don't mind if my practice attempts were a bit wonky.

Also, the 7mm notation means it works with machines with 7mm feed dogs, not the size of them hem made. (It makes about a 1/8
Ashton Tea Party
August 23, 2012
Just got this foot in the mail today and i love it. Had experimented with a lot of old 1950's phaff hemming feet, so learned how to use this wonderful little foot. I have a brothers CS6000 machine that i used this foot on. It does take a little bit of practice. But it is easy to use. Getting it started is a little bit hard. If you place the fabric under the foot about a 1/8
May 30, 2013
This fit my Brother CS6000i perfectly and makes a great narrow hem for my lightweight work skirts. There's no way I could make the hem that narrow without it. It takes some practice and you have to put a couple of stitches in the fabric with long thread tails in order to guide the fabric initially through the foot. Once it gets started, slow and steady wins the race. It takes some finesse not to get the fabric wrapped inside of itself but yet still capture the complete edge of the fabric. If you're using a fabric that frays heavily, cut it with a rotary cutter for a clean edge. On cottons, pressing the hem up lightly before using the foot helps to coax the fabric in the right direction.
Amazon Customer
December 29, 2016
Using it on a Brother XR1300, for which this foot is *not* advertised to fit.

It does, indeed, fit on the machine, but I think because of the way that it doesn't correctly align with the needle on my machine, I'm not able to get a good straight stitch that actually catches the
November 30, 2016
This is a decent product. It takes some getting used to, but it's alright once you use it. Keep in mind that I produces a narrow hem and that looks weird on a lot of garments. I'd love to see them make a hem foot that does wider hems.
Jay Nic
February 17, 2014
The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because it definitely takes practice to learn how to use it. However, my hems couldn't be anymore prettier!!!! I am actually using this now to make scarves and my hem line is (almost) perfect and it makes my scarves look professionally done. The more I use it the more comfortable I am with it.
Connie G
April 18, 2013
This foot works great if you can get it started. To be fair though, it might be the material I was using. When you have it right, it rolls the hem fast and even. I guess I just have to practice a little more. All in all, it's a pretty handy addition to your array of presser feet.
Amazon Customer
July 6, 2015
Every sewist needs a narrow hem foot and every sewist needs to know how to use one. It is amazing how useful they are. This one works well and was a great price.

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