Bohin Milliners Hand Needles, Size 10, 15 Per Package Bohin (BOHI0) 622

  • Bohin-Milliners hand needles
  • These are fantastic needles to have while working on any sewing projects! they work well with basting gathering and over sewing
  • This package contains fifteen size 10 metal needles

BOHIN-Milliners Hand Needles. These are fantastic needles to have while working on any sewing projects! They work well with basting gathering and over sewing. This package contains fifteen size 10 metal needles. Imported.


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January 12, 2018
I do English Paper Piecing and some hand applique. I've tried just about every needle out there in various sizes, lengths, and brands. These are without a doubt, the most awesome needles in existence. The milliner length makes EPP and applique easier to do and they glide through fabric. That would be enough right there to prefer them, but what makes them stand out before every other needle I've tried is the eye. I wear trifocals and have a difficult time threading needles without a needle threader or magnifiers. That's not the case with these. They have a perfect size eye. It's big enough to see without magnifiers but not so big that you can't pull the needle easily through fabric. It's doesn't tear the thread or make huge holes like some self threading or big eyed needles I've tried either. I will be ordering some more and giving my others away. Just wish they were shipped through Amazon Prime so I could get them faster, but they were worth the wait!
T. L.
March 20, 2018
I just began a new English Paper Piecing project and found the reviews of these needles promising for ease of threading and going through the fabric. I am really disappointed to leave a bad review but I cannot get my thread through the eye. I have tried 3 of the needles, using Gutermann thread (cotton C Ne 50). I cannot get a wire threader (standard silver, looks like a coin) through the eye hole either. The eyes are very tiny and I am frustrated. These are the size 10 Milliners. If this is not a bad batch of needles, if this is the size 10 Milliners that others are able to use, then I am baffled as to how they are able to thread them. I do wear bifocals (and was wearing them, lol). Frustrating! I cannot recommend them and unsure if I will try to return or if I will just accept the few dollars lost in the purchase and toss them in the garbage. I cannot use them if I cannot get my thread through them. Disappointed.
September 2, 2014
wish they were James needles, but they are the first I could and with the quilt I am planning, I will need them! These needles make the applique work much easier...
January 18, 2015
Very sharp and wonderful for hand stitching quilt bindings. Picks up fabric with ease and glides through fibers. The length is wonderful for my hands that don't have the dexterity that they used to have.
Kristi Dunlap
July 29, 2018
They are very sharp and thin, pierce just about any fabric, any number of layers. But bend quite easy.
Amazon Customer
January 25, 2015
Love these needles from France!

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