Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad by Summer Infant (Discontinued by Manufacturer) 90071


Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad Change any flat surface into a safe, convenient changing station with the Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad. For spaces at least 16 x 32 inches, a side strap secures the pad to changing tables and dressers. The durable, double-layered vinyl is quilted to resist stains and moisture. A safety strap with easy-release buckle provides addded security for your little bundle. Order the Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad today!


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Natural Indiana Mom
October 13, 2008
I bought this product before my first daughter was born 3 years ago and used it everyday several times a day until she was 2.5. I never used the covers because it was so much easier to keep clean without them. Wipe down with baby wipes as needed and then spray with Lysol once a week to kill any germs. After 2.5 years, it had started cracking a little on the sides. So, I bought a new one for my new baby girl who's 6 months old now. It is working great for her as well. It is nice and cushy with high enough sides to keep her somewhat contained. I also just purchased one for use in our church nursery as well. This is a must have for anyone changing diapers. Great value, easy to clean and sanitize, and lasts for a long time.
Karen Rand
October 14, 2010
Great padding that was essential when baby arches her back thereby slamming her head on it. It is a standard sized changing pad--the covers I purchased fit perfect. It has a textured bottom to prevent slipping. I know they probably have to put that strap on it for liability reasons, but I removed it permanently (I think it hindered the traction on the bottom and I'm not walking a way from my kid on the changing table anyway, and it would only get in the way of changing diapers/clothes!).
Wilton Bowman
August 6, 2016
Worked well on our changing table. Plush cover for the baby. This was delivered promptly and was just as advertised. Great product! Great Experience with this seller! Great job! Would do business with this seller again!
diane page
October 14, 2008
Liked that this changing pad had a
Eimy A. Rapalo Villamil
January 19, 2009
I have a changing table made of wood and bought this changing pad. It's affordable, soft, safe, and it stays on place. You have to put screws on the back of the changing table, but it was easy to do, and the material on the bottom really does adheres to the surface to prevent sliding, without damaging the wood. It's really soft and comfortable.
I also boughtu00a0
April 18, 2007
I was given a hand-me-down changing pad that I used for my 1st & 2nd child but it was really looking bad when baby #3 came, so I broke down and bought this. I love it! My covers fit on snug but easily and the strap has been so nice to hold baby on for a few seconds while I grab something instead of making one of my other children stand beside the baby to keep her from rolling! My child also loves to play with the strap and it keeps her occupied during changes!
June 5, 2014
The plastic cover seem more durable than other brands. This is the second changing pad we've had for my 6mo son. He managed to kick a hole in the cover of the first (cannot remember the brand, though.) The pad is thinner, but the plastic cover is thicker and less brittle.
Mason's Mommy
July 9, 2015
it works, but don't expect the buckle to hold your little one in place. If I could do it all over again, I would buy the one with FOUR walls, instead of just the two sides.

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