Arborwear Men's Single Thick Pullover Sweatshirt Arborwear Men' s Apparel 400340


Color:Athletic Grey


  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • 13 oz. 100% cotton fleece
  • Oversized 3-piece hood
  • Snap neck collar
  • Gusseted underarms
  • Vertical recessed handwarmer pouch

We took the same great fabric and design features of our double thick pullover sweatshirt but pared down the weight by removing the inner layer of fleece. Our single thick, 12 ounce 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton fleece wonder is sure to serve you well on those slightly less chilly days. In addition to gusseted armpits and snap closures at the neck, an oversized hood fits comfortably over your hardhat and gives you that grim reaper look that makes nature very nervous


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The Advocacy
April 13, 2016
Arborwear sweatshirts are in a category by themselves when it comes to quality, durability and comfort. Nothing else even comes close. They fit the best, last the longest and are the most comfortable. Mine last an average of two years before they start to look a little abused. I wear them every day in the winter so they're going through the wash a couple times a week. These hoodies have found favor and a secret following with people who do a lot of meditation and trance work... it's the modern day monk's robe. Kick back in your recliner, raise shields and prepare for launch. Turns day into night with a flip of the hood making it easier to activate nocturnal glandular (pineal) functions during the day. Also great if you're autistic and just want to hide from society without having to leave the room :)

Truly the ultimate hoodie in a practical sense as well as being the De Facto standard uniform of the modern day Jedi/urban shaman. Officially approved by spoon bending savants of the USAF Warp Corp :)
December 5, 2014
I bought this after waffling about whether the double-thick shirt would be too heavy for banging around the house and garage. Verdict: this is great for around the house or on chilly days with a light jacket. If you're going to be braving blizzards the double-thick may be more your speed, but for crisp days and garage chores, this lighter weight shirt is perfect. It's nice, well built and thoughtful details abound. The snaps under the chin are odd at first but a fine replacement for a drawstring. The soft lining in the hand warmer is soft and fuzzy without snagging on chapped hands or knuckles (folks who work outdoors will know what I mean). The hood is large enough to wear over a toboggan or cap without being huge.

I will say that if you're expecting a baggy sweatsirt to size up one. The cut is close, but not slim.
Tony Clark
August 15, 2016
This is the absolute best hoodie ever. This was my second Arborwear hoodie, the first having lasted me for 4 years, and got me through several wet, snowy, Utah tree climbing winters. My new one is for going out, I will still use the old one to work in. The hood is the best part, it is HUGE, will fit over a hard hat, or you can pull it down to your chin so you can sleep anywhere, if need be. Also the cuffs are tight and if stretched out, will return to size after a wash.
January 15, 2018
Heavy, all cotton sweatshirt. My brother-in-law bought a bunch of these sweatshirts, my husband saw it and asked where he could get one. Yes, it is expensive, but you get a quality, heavy sweatshirt for the money.
February 8, 2017
rugged great quality hoodie, great for outdoor farm work with reinforced neck line with buttons
C.L. Holt
January 16, 2014
If you work outdoors or are outdoors alot this is for you. Runs slightly large but its by far the best sweatshirt ive ever owned. As a matter of fact i bought my first one several years ago and still have it too. The hood fits over a hard hat nicely also.
April 21, 2017
I haven't worn every sweatshirt in the world, but I'm positive this is one of the best! The price is great for how comfortable and durable it is. Also a fan of the snaps instead of the strings that get cut anyway.
Rob Branch
November 30, 2017
I love these sweatshirts. The hood is perfect if you're in construction, as it fits over a hardhat and no tightening string that could get caught in something. The pouch pocket is set in the sweatshirt so it doesn't bulge when it's filled up and items don't fall out.

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