APDTY 088111 TPS Throttle Position Sensor & Wiring Harness Pigtail Repair Kit (Repairs GM 12570800 or ACDelco 217-2293 Electronic Throttle Body Vehicle Side Wiring)

  • Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specs
  • Factory OEM Fit Form And Function

Brand New TPS Throttle Body Position Sensor & Wiring Harness Pigtail Repair Kit
This part is used to repair the TPS sensor on GM-570800/ACDelco-7-9 electronic throttle bodies. These electronic throttle bodies use a position sensor mounted on the accelerator/gas pedal and it sends a signal to the computer which then tells the throttle how far to open or close which is verified by this sensor. The actuator motor gears inside the throttle body can strip and cause erratic throttle response. If you have stripped gears, you will need to replace the entire throttle body. This part will only repair a faulty or wiring harness problem.
An electronic throttle is more responsive and therefore more efficient than a cable-style throttle body.
Fits numerous 00-007 models, Please view the compatibility chart to verify your specific model. This cannot be used to upgrade a cable style to an electronic.


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Pablo Sanchez
July 10, 2018
Exact replacement for my '03 z71 ext cab 5.3L. Just drill out rivets and unplug pigtail. Dont mess around with white gears inside. Just replace directly with new one and tie together with bolt replacements for rivets. Splice each individual wire and solder one at a time in correct order so you wont loose track of each of them since they dont match colors.
Robert Vaughn
July 13, 2016
Easy to install - took 5 minutes and it fixed my reduced power mode issue. Simply drill the ends of the factory rivets - push them out - replace the TPS with the new one (new gasket is already installed) and bolt it up.
Jerry rose
March 12, 2018
I searched Amazon for gas pedal position sensor and this came up I watered it and when it arrived it was a throttle position sensor so I returned it and they finally deducted money out of my pocket
June 19, 2016
Didn't fit
Corey Lindberg
August 22, 2016
Requires cutting your wires and splicing in the new connector. Try buying some throttle body cleaner and giving your throttle body a good scrub before tackling this thing. Been 6 weeks with no codes since cleaning mine
Sandra R.
March 9, 2017
I need to return this got the wrong part
ryan benedict
June 13, 2015
Didn't need it
T. Smythe
February 2, 2016
Have not installed to date. OEM still functions, problem was dirty sensor and throttle body. I'm a bit leery of this item due to all the horror stories of aftermarket units not calibrating with throttle body for proper idle quality. Be aware; you have to drill out the rivets on your OEM throttle body and use these self tapping screws for mounting, another reason I'm leery. Figure I'll use this for an emergency. I hate Chinese products!

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